Graphics By Erick

Selecting a design for your website! Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Graphics by Erick

Creating Our Own Website

It’s a Lot Easer to Design for Others

We knew we had a problem. If we couldn’t make a design decision, we wouldn’t be able to proceed. And that’s the way it was for a very long time.

Creating for other people is easy compared to settling for just one website design for ourselves. And (to be embarrassingly honest) we put this task off way too long. Besides, there’s always six client projects on deadline. We finally just made time. homepage sample

Postponed Decisions vs. Immediate Gratification

While we’re being totally honest, one of the reasons we do what we do, is for “immediate gratification!” Visual design provides just that. But when there are too many good choices, it’s difficult to select just one. And the decision gets postponed. Now here’s the good news. We don’t have to select just one! That’s right, with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) we can implement more than one design for the web site – even while it’s live online.

Like Magic… sorta

We’ll just have to tell you about it, for now. And ask that you visit again once we’ve implemented the next design or two. Then we can show that feature. But, there are some great Cascading Style Sheet examples at CSS Zen Garden in their Road to Enlightenment.

Change is Now Easy!

There is one constant in the universe – CHANGE. So, click around our site now and see what’s posted. For things will surely change. Our CMS (Content Management System) is so slick, that it’s actally fun to make updates. We look forward to your feedback. Just like we tell our clients, “The proof is in your hands.”

You’re Next!

Graphics by Erick can make much better design decisions for your project or web site. Please let us know how we can help you. Just provide as much information as possible in the form below, and we promise to get back to you sooner than you think.

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