Graphics By Erick

Providing a variety of packaging for market is just one of our services.


Need art for a box, bottle, label, video, or even a custom Frisbee logo?

Graphics by Erick helps clients create packaging to meet their marketing needs.

X-Sorb Spill Clean-up, Roundup Seasoning, Slime packaging
Some of our packaging designs include the art for Old Country Deli’s Roundup Seasoning bottle label, Impact Absorbent’s X-Sorb Spill Clean-up bag, and Access Marketing’s original SLIME logo and bottles.

Package design requires a combination of artistic creativity, and mechanical precision.
DBA Manufacturing Next-Generation Software box
Packaging has very specific requirements. This type of mechanical illustration is required for box printing and ultimately die cutting and assembly.

Meadow Lean Ostrich Burgers box
This Ostrich Burgers box began with a custom logo illustration to brand Meadow Lean, followed by a professional studio photo session to capture the delicious burger image before the box design could begin.

FirstLine Gloves Boxes in Rack
We’ve designed the complete line of FirstLine Gloves products consisting of over 11 glove boxes, cartons sample labels, and literature sheets, each displaying a patriotic theme.

BioGreen Biogegrader Packaging example
The BioGreen packaging is another example of art that began with a custom illustration for the name branding, followed by the container design.

Custom illustration on Frisbee
Yes, packaging can be as simple as placing each Frisbee in a clear plastic bag. This collection was imprinted with a logo illustration derived from a really old custom T-shirt design.

Please let us know how we can we help with your packaging needs.

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