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One-of-a-kind public art is now capable of being distributed statewide

Jim Jacobson

Sculpture artist Jim Jacobson creates public art in San Luis Obispo and beyond…

Sculptor Jim Jacobson’s Project Flyers

With a growing resume of public art sculptures and a desire to promote his artistic creations statewide, Jacobson needed a library of his works that was both pictorial and descriptive in nature. From this library, he can easily select which examples to share.

Jacobson Sycamore

Jacobson’s Sycamore and Budding Thistle is featured on the cover of “ART in San Luis Obispo – A Guide to Galleries and Public Art in Historic Downtown San Luis Obispo”

Creating an Artist Identity

Identity was imperative to being recognized for his works as “requests for proposals” became more frequent. The burgeoning response to his installed public art required him to be able to quickly and easily disseminate literature on each specific piece. And each piece of literature that goes out is branded with Jim’s identity.

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The American Spirit

Jim has an impressive list of local works. In the fall of 2003, he partnered with glass blower Will Carlton and graphic designer Erick Wand to create an award-winning historical transportation-themed obelisk for the City of San Luis Obispo.

The American Spirit Obelisk by Jim Jacobson

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