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Determining Identity, aka Avoiding an Identity Crisis

Know Thyself – mankind’s age-old dilemma becomes a crucial first step in ensuring an organization’s survival. As graphic designers, we accept the challenge to help you get to know yourself better.

CREATING IDENTITY It’s tough. We understand, we’ve struggled with it ourselves. The process doesn’t have to be painful, however. The journey is well traveled. And the result is actually quite liberating.
ESTABLISHING IDENTITY We have some materials for you to use. They will help focus and define the look that people will learn to recognize as you, your organization or your business.
REINFORCING IDENTITY Once established, use it. Use it constantly. Use it creatively. But don’t abuse it.

Branding with Identity

Let’s try a little experiment! Think of a well-known product or service you purchase. Visualize it. Can you see their logo or color scheme in your mind’s eye? Your ability to instantly recognize the symbol should help you know what the company does, and hopefully, have a favorable opinion of their offerings. This did not happen by chance. They’ve worked hard for this recognition and the rewards it brings.

We’ve assembled some client identity work to share with you. Just click on any of the Identity Examples (up on the right). We’d appreciate any feedback you have for us, too.

Now it’s your turn…

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